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Time Lapse Photography

Time Lapse Photography, Long Exposure & Other Tricks of Time: From Snapshots to Great Shots

Author: John Carucci

Many of the Snapshots to Great Shots books that I have read do a good job introducing the subjects they cover. This one is the exception. By the title the reader might think they will learn how to do time lapse and long exposure photography and maybe some other time tricks. Instead they will get a superficial, rambling discussion of disjointed topics.


Carucci writes in a light, colloquial tone that seems flippant and results in somewhat odd statements that don’t tell the whole story. For example, under essential accessories he mentions polarizer and neutral density filters but goes on to say that if you forget either you can always count on postproduction in Photoshop. I don’t believe Photoshop easily replaces either of those filters. There are also editing problems such as Fig 3-14 which discusses zooming a telephoto lens during the exposure. The caption says that a 35-70mm lens is used but stated the exposure was begun at 35mm and then quickly pulled wider to create a motion effect.


Many topics are touched on in the book including the subjects advertised in the title plus flash, night photography, high speed photography (by which he mean 1/500 sec to about 1/1000 sec rather that super high speed photography). Oddly, in the middle of the chapter on crisp high-speed photography there is a section titled handholding during a long exposure. There is even an appendix on enhancing your time images with Adobe Photoshop.  There are many ways to accomplish the same thing in Photoshop but I would not do the things he describes the way he describes doing them.


I rarely discuss the images used to illustrate photography books but I believe the ones chosen by this author are stuck on the snapshot end of the titles spectrum. I believe that is also where the reader would be left. The reader may decrypt that a lot of things can be done manipulating time in the camera but I don’t believe he/she will learn how to make great shots using these techniques from this book.




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