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The Adobe Lightroom CC Book of digital Photographers

The Adobe Lightroom CC Book of digital Photographers

Author: Scott Kelby

Scott Kelby may be the Donald Trump of digital photography. He has built a digital capture and processing education empire providing internet, video, written and in person instruction to many people. Like Donald, he speaks and writes in a straight forward, humorous manner that is appreciated by many but maybe not everyone. Thankfully his workflow and recommendations are more useful and less controversial than campaign promises.

I already had a seven year old version of the book. Like Lightroom, the format of the book has changed little, but also like Lightroom, there have been enhancements that making using the book easier and more efficient. The two column layout with text on the outside edge of the page and illustrative screenshots on the inner edge of the page remains but a strip has been added to the header that lets the reader always know what module the text refers to. The screen shots give good examples of how Scott manipulated the sliders but the size of the images make it difficult for old eyes to resolve the details sometimes.

The book is organized by the workflow most people would use when processing images. It describes how to import and organize your images and then moves on to developing them. By the end he has progressed through all the modules including printing, creating slide shows, authoring books and linking to your mobile devices. Along the way he provides “killer tips” and discusses how he handles problem images. He finishes with a chapter on his step by step workflow for portraits

A new Lightroom user will get everything they need to be a competent user from this book except practice. I have used the program for years and learned how to use several short cuts and buttons that I was not familiar with. From edition to edition the books may seem repetitive but Lightroom does not change that much between versions. There is not a sections that lists the changes from the previous version of the program so the experienced user has to find them in the text. Even within this edition, it may sometimes seem repetitive but some people read from cover to cover and others jump in the middle to the topic they are interested in. I think it helps all of us to read information more than once. I believe this book will serve as a great reference for Lightroom users.

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