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Photo Restoration From Snapshots to Great Shots

Photo Restoration From Snapshots to Great Shots

Author: Robert Correll

All of us have boxes of old images sitting around that we know we should do something with. Many of these are deteriorating or becoming damaged like my 8mm movies and VCR tapes in the same boxes. As photographers, we should be able to fix and properly maintain these old family heirlooms.   Robert Correll has written a simple, straight forward book giving us information on how to do this.

His book is part of the Snapshots to Great Shots series. After describing the equipment and software that is needed for restoration it begins at the beginning with how to safely remove images from albums and frames. Then he describes the important features of scanners and how to use them including the optimal resolution for the scan.

Correll’s workflow is almost entirely Photoshop. He includes an explanation in each chapter of what could also be done in Elements but entirely ignores Lightroom. Some of the things he does in Camera Raw could also be handled in Lightroom. If all his terms are confusing, you will need to start with a basic book on Photoshop. He assumes the reader has at least some knowledge of layers and the tools in Photoshop.

His workflow include evaluating the image, cleaning the surface, repairing physical damage, and correcting colors and contrast. Correll gives good descriptions and examples of how to do these steps but is limited by the inability of the medium to show how it is actually done. A few links to videos with demonstrations would be helpful.

We might as well learn how to repair and preserves the images from our past because there may be no images from our present. Few of the trillion or so images taken this year will be printed so future generations may not have the problem of restoration. At least, let’s pass along the ones we already have.

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