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Passenger Seat

Passenger Seat: Creating a Photographic Project from Conception through Execution in Adobe Photoshop

Author: Julieanne Kost

Julieanne is the Principal Digital Imaging Evangelist for Adobe so you might think her books are a sales pitch for Adobe products. Thankfully that’s not what they are, at least not directly. Similar to her book Window Seat shot from an airplane, this book is based around a collection of her images shot while sitting in the passenger seat of a moving car. It is a description of how and why to do personal projects. The first Adobe product doesn’t appear for 129 pages which is over half the book.

A personal project is something that you work on because you love it or are driven by it. It is a story you want to tell. In the first part of her book, Julieanne describes the importance of have multiple personal projects to keep us interested in and learning about photography. This includes the risks and rewards to the photographer. She has great suggestions on how to think about beginning a project and how it can evolve over time. For me, this is the most useful part of the book.

The center of the book is a portfolio of her images from the project. You may or may not like them depending on your taste. I find some of them to be very pleasing blurs and other not quite blurred enough.

The last third of the book finally gets to Adobe products. It is not so much a tutorial but a tease of how she used the products for this project. She has many online tutorials and is a wonderful speaker if you want a deeper dive into her insights about Adobe products. As mentioned at the beginning, this is in no way a hard sale of Adobe products. Her goal is to show us ways to stay interest in shooting images and learning about photography. Of course, the more people are interested in good photography, the better it is for Adobe, and the better Adobe can be for photgraphers.

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