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KNight Photography and Light Painting

Night Photography and Light Painting

Author: Lance Keimig

Landscape photography is no longer confined to the golden hours around sunrise and sunset. Lance Keimig tells us how to make beautiful images all night long in the second edition of his book on night photography and light painting. He targets the photographer who already has a good understand of how to work the camera controls and wants to explore capturing images that are a little different from the usual.

He starts with a history of light painting and a link to a PDF download of the history of night photography from the first edition to ground us in the subject. Then he presents the equipment that we will need to be successful. Importantly, he also includes features that are not so important so we don’t waste money on things we don’t need.

Next Keimig describe the different type of night photography beginning with the somewhat intimidating term of astro-landscape photography. This turns out to be a scene where the stars are points of light rather than star trails. He follows this with long exposure captures that do produce trails. Finally he writes about light painting which includes adding light to the subject and the more fanciable light writing.

The strength of the book is in the rules and guidelines he provides all along the way. For each topic he includes what lens to use, what camera setting to start with and how to make adjustments in an understandable way. He covers everything you need to get started including how to focus in the dark. Once you have the images, he describes how to process them in Lightroom. For a little added spice, he ends with several other night photographers and light painters describing their work and motivation.

I have done some night photography but want to do more. This book will proved a logical starting point to build experience and minimize the errors in the trial and error approach.

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