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How Do I Do That In Lightroom

How Do I Do That In Lightroom?

Author: Scott Kelby

This is a Lightroom book with a different view. There are several comprehensive Lightroom reference books, including one by Scott, that teach Lightroom by extensive explanation and examples. This one is organized completely differently. This book is based on the question, “how do I do that in Lightroom. It is a series of questions that come up when working with the program and short answers showing how to do something.

The questions are organized into chapters like how to use a brush, how to organize images, and how to edit. This gives the reader a clue about where to look for a question he/she might have. For instance, under how to use a brush, the reader can find questions like how do I:

Dodge and burn?

Erase something if I make a mistake?

Draw a straight line?

I see two uses for the book. Reading the questions may let someone not familiar with Lightroom know that the program will do something they did not know it would do. The second, and more important use, is for those of us that remember the program will do something but we don’t use the feature often enough to always remember how to do it. This may be just the memory jog I need if I want to lower the opacity of all the changes I made to a gradient or add a caption under my images when I print a contact sheet. This book doesn’t have information that is not in the big reference books, but its organization may let you find what you need quicker. It should not be your first Lightroom book but may be a useful addition to your library.

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