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How to Create Stunning Digital Photography

How to Create Stunning digital Photography

Author: Tony Northrup

These days books have to compete with videos and YouTube. Tony Northrup had the idea to combine the two. He produced a beginner’s book on photography that comes with 12 hours of online videos that further explain the topics covered. Many of these videos are already available on his YouTube channels but some are exclusive to the book. He also promises to update the information and videos for life.

This is an ambitious undertaking. He provides chapters on camera control, lighting, portraits, weddings, wildlife, landscapes, night photography, HDR, macro and underwater photography in 232 pages. This breath means that only basic information can be provided on each genera. Obviously many entire books have been written on each topic so don’t expect to this one to take you into the details and whys. It will give you a basic introduction to many topics and provides tips on how to get started. Each chapter ends a few ideas for practice and a quiz on the material.

The book could use a little tighter editing. It also offers some advice that could be better explained, like take a lot of shots and delete most of them. There are occasions when it is appropriate to hold the shutter button down but there are also times when the light will not last and you have to get it right in one exposure. I would recommend this book for a beginner who wants to survey many areas of photography. As they say, a journey of a thousand miles starts with a one step. This book is a good first step but will not take you to the journey’s end.

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