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Architectural Photography

Architectural Photography

Author: Adrian Schulz

I began reading Architectural Photography because I wanted to improve my cityscapes and interior shots. I did not realize that it would be full of so much general information that applies to many aspects of photography. There is something in this book for all of us.

Schulz begins with a general discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of different types of cameras, from compact to large format. This is followed by a description of various lenses including tilt-shift and several of the accessories that are routinely used. Then he moves on to explaining the shoot.

My favorite part of the book is the discussion of perspective. He explains clearly that it depends on the position the camera is placed rather than the focal length of the lens used as is commonly mis-stated in photography articles. This then leads to how the placement of the camera effects vertical and horizontal lines in the image. He also offers advice on exposure and composition of architectural images.

The chapters on image processing are rather basic. They cover some raw adjustments but not in a comprehensive manner. He touches on some of the perspective controls and plug-ins but not to the depth that I would feel comfortable copying them. Schulz also includes some information about processing panoramas in Photoshop and HDR in Photomatix. He does not include information about doing these in Lightroom, but that capability may have been released after his deadline.

As I mentioned, I believe there is something in this book for all of us as we do our general photography. My disappointment with the book is that I don’t think it would be as helpful for someone that wanted to be a serious architectural photography. There could have been more than his three paragraphs on what makes a good architectural image. I don’t believe in rules, but that would give us a foundation to start from. He also doesn’t say much about how natural light works with time of day to show depth in the exteriors of the buildings or how to balance lighting to get the effect you want on interiors.

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